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Gadget Insurance

We live in digital world, where our gadgets play a vital role in our daily lives.

We recognise that if you have the unfortunate experience of having your device stolen or damaged, you not only have the inconvenience of being without your device, but you will have to pay out of your own pocket to repair or replace.

By insuring your gadgets, not only are you saving money in the long run, but providing peace of mind that we've got you covered in the event of mishaps with your devices.
We offer flexible, affordable plans to cover your tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more. Our policies can be specifically tailored to best fit your lifestyle.

Why insure with us

Low excess

We want our premiums and excess costs to be low. The standard excess cost payable by you starts at only £25 (up to £50 for total loss claims). Excess will vary by each gadget insured, the higher the value the higher the excess, so always read the terms and conditions for your policy

Multi-Gadget Discount

If you protect more than two gadgets, we give you a 10% discount on your total premium

Quality Insurance

We form part of one of the largest mobile insurance providers in the UK. Our policies provide some of the widest terms of coverage in the market, covering you for almost every type of risk exposure

95% of Claims Settled

We put our customers first. We recognise that when you have a loss, or damage to your gadget, you want it repaired or replaced quickly. We pride ourselves in customer service, which is why on average we settle 95% of all claims


  1. Accidental Damage
    We will arrange a repair if your Gadget is damaged as the result of an accident.
  2. Theft
    If your Gadget is stolen we will replace it. Where only part or parts of your Gadget have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.
  3. Accidental Loss
    If you selected the option to pay an additional premium and insure your mobile phone, tablet or iPad for Accidental Loss then if you lose your mobile phone, tablet or iPad we will replace it. If you have cover for Accidental Loss this will be stated within your policy documents. Accidental Loss cover is only available on mobile phones, tablets and iPads
  4. Breakdown
    Electrical breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee period. This cover is not available on laptops or computers.
  5. Unauthorised Call/Data Use
    If your mobile phone is lost or stolen and is used fraudulently, we will reimburse you for the costs upon receipt of your itemised bill.


Your Gadget is not covered for:
  1. Theft:
    • from any commercial vehicle, convertible or soft top vehicle;
    • from any motor vehicle where you or someone acting on your behalf is not in the vehicle, unless the Gadget has been concealed in a locked boot, locked glove compartment or other locked internal compartment and all the vehicle's windows and doors closed and locked and all security systems have been activated. A copy of the repairer's account for such damage must be supplied with any claim
    • from any building, land or premises unless force, resulting in damage to the building or premises, was used to gain entry or exit; A copy of the repairer's account for such damage must be supplied with any claim
    • from your control or the control of any member of your immediate family, except where it has been concealed either on or about the person and not left unattended, or the use of physical force or violence against the person has been used or threatened;
    • where the Gadget has been left unattended when it is away from your home;
    • where reasonable precautions have not been taken;
  2. Loss or damage caused by:
    • you deliberately damaging or neglecting the Gadget;
    • you not following the manufacturer's instructions;
    • routine servicing, inspection, maintenance or cleaning;
    • the use of accessories;
    • if left on any motor vehicle roof, bonnet or boot;
  3. Repair or other costs for:
    • routine servicing, inspection, maintenance or cleaning;
    • loss caused by a manufacturer's defect or recall of the Gadget;
    • replacement of or adjustment to fittings, control knobs or buttons, batteries or aerials;
    • repairs carried out by persons not authorised by us;
    • wear and tear or gradual deterioration of performance.
    • cosmetic damage of any kind.
  1. Loss or damage if the serial number has been tampered with in any way.
  2. Any kind of damage whatsoever unless the damaged Gadget is provided for repair.
  3. Any loss of a SIM (subscriber identity module) card.
  4. Any expense incurred as a result of not being able to use the Gadget, or any loss other than the repair or replacement costs of the Gadget unless relating to unauthorised call use for your mobile phone up to the maximum value of £2500.
  5. In the event that you make a claim, an excess fee applies which must be paid to us before your claim can be settled. This excess fee varies depending on the type of Gadget you have insured with us and the type of claim you need to make. The fees are set out below:
    If your claim is for a Gadget up to the value of £250 (when new) the excess fee is £25 for a theft or damage claim and £50 for an accidental loss claim.
    For any other Gadget the excess fee is £50 for a theft or damage claim and £75 for an accidental loss claim.
    If you make a claim within the first 3 months of your policy there will be an additional excess fee to pay of £25.
    Please see below for the No-Claims Bonus which may apply to you.
  6. Any claim made, or any event causing the need for a claim to be made, that occurs within the first 14 days of the inception date of the policy.
  7. Loss of or damage to accessories of any kind.
  8. Any claim if the Gadget has not been used after the date the insurance has been purchased.
  9. Accidental Loss where the circumstances of the loss cannot be clearly identified, i.e. where you are unable to confirm the time and place of the loss.
  10. Any loss or damage caused by the failure of any electrical or computer equipment, software, micro-controller, microchip, accessories or associated equipment to correctly recognise and process any calendar date or time.
  11. If a SIM card was not in your mobile phone at the time of the loss, damage or theft that was registered to you.
  12. Reconnection costs or subscription fees of any kind.
    Please note: if you are insuring an item without SIM card capability, all exclusions relating to SIM cards are not applicable.
  13. War Risk
    Terrorism, war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities whether war is declared or not, civil war, rebellion, revolution insurrection, military or usurped power, confiscation, nationalism or requisition or destruction or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or legal authority.
  14. Nuclear Risk
    Damage or destruction caused by, contributed to or arising from:
    a. ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel; or
    b. the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or component thereof.
  15. Sonic Boom
    Damage or destruction directly occasioned by pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
  16. Loss of Data or Software
    Any loss of or damage to information or data or software contained in or stored on the Gadget whether arising as a result of a claim paid by this insurance or otherwise.
  17. Any indirect loss or damage resulting from the event which caused the claim under this policy;
  18. Liability of whatsoever nature arising from ownership or use of the Gadget, including any illness or injury resulting from it.
  19. Value Added Tax (VAT) where you are registered with HM Revenue and Customs for VAT.


  1. This policy offers replacement only and is not a replacement as new policy. If the Gadget cannot be replaced with an identical Gadget of the same age and condition, we will replace it with one of comparable specification or the equivalent value taking into account the age and condition of the original Gadget.
  2. In the event of a valid claim resulting in the replacement of the Gadget, this policy will automatically cover the replacement Gadget.
  3. If you pay for your insurance monthly and you make a claim you will be required to pay the premium for the minimum term (12 months before we can process your claim).


  1. Unless we have agreed differently with you, English law and the decisions of English courts will govern this insurance.
  2. This insurance only covers Gadgets bought and used in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Cover is extended to include use of the Gadgets anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 90 days in total, in any single 12 month period, subject to any repairs being carried out in the UK by repairers approved by us.
  3. The Gadgets must be less than 18 months old, purchased as new, or if refurbished, purchased directly from the manufacturer, and with valid Proof of Purchase at inception of this Certificate. All Proofs of Purchase must include the make, model and serial number of the Gadget and must be in your name. The company the Gadget was purchased from must be a UK VAT registered company.
  4. you must provide us with any receipts, documents or proof of purchase, that it is reasonable for us to request.
  5. This insurance may only be altered, varied or its conditions altered or premium changed by one of our authorised officials, giving you 30 day's notice in writing.
  6. We may cancel the policy by giving you 30 days' notice in writing. In the event of any claim you are responsible for the payment of any outstanding premium.
  7. you cannot transfer the insurance to someone else or to any other Gadgets without our written permission.
  8. you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent any loss or damage.
  9. Cover excludes costs or payments recoverable from any party, under the terms of any other contract, guarantee, warranty, or insurance.

Some of your Questions:

Q. What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance is coverage for your gadgets, mobile phones, tablets, etc. In our digital age, our phones, laptops, and all things electronic have become an essential part of everyday life; when an item gets broken or is stolen, it often feels hopeless. The insurance covers the theft, loss (mobile phones and tablets only) or accidental damage of your device. Gadget insurance helps provide coverage for the gadget, and if it’s a mobile phone, for any potential unauthorised usage of the device that may cost you as the consumer.

Q. How do you define ‘gadget’? What kinds of gadgets are covered by gadget insurance?

Gadget is defined as any portable, electronic device that is usually battery-powered.

Q. Where do I find the IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number is a distinct number assigned to each individual phone. You can find this number by dialing  * # 0 6 #  on your keypad, or it's usually on a sticker in the phone's battery compartment. If you have the original packaging it is often shown on a sticker on the box, too.

Q. Do you only cover new gadgets or are used gadgets covered too?

Gadget insurance covers gadgets that are less than 18 months old. This age is from the date of purchase (as shown by original sales receipt) as a new product. If you bought the product used but within 18 months of its original purchase, it can be covered as long as the original sales receipt is intact. If you purchase gadget insurance, the coverage for that particular item can be maintained for five years, as long as you renew your policy and keep it active each year. If you purchased a new device and insured it with another gadget insurer, as long as you are within the 18 month window, you are eligible for coverage with our gadget insurance.

Q. What exactly does a gadget insurance policy cover?

Gadget insurance covers the following types of electronics: mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, desktops, digital cameras, computer monitors, mp3 players, DVD players, game consoles, video cameras, camera lenses, Bluetooth headsets, GPS navigation devices, PDAs, e-readers, head/ear phones, wearables (Google Glass and smartwatches), and in-car computers. There may be other gadgets covered that are not listed here, so please let us know and we may be able to help. Each of your gadgets may have different types of needs, so there are a variety of levels of coverage available. This allows you as the consumer to purchase coverage based on your needs and budget.

Here is a small list of the different scenarios which are covered by gadget insurance (subject to specific policy terms and conditions, exclusions apply):
  • Accidental Damage: Accidents happen. If your gadget is damaged as a result of a mishap, we can repair or replace it, after it is sent to us.
  • Breakdown: If your gadget fails to work, we can repair or replace your item after it is sent to us. This type of coverage only applies if the breakdown occurs outside the warranty period from manufacturer, as we believe that if the product breaks down whilst under warranty, the customer should make a warranty claim from the manufacturer.
  • Malicious Damage: If your electronic item is deliberately damaged by a person other than yourself, you are covered for repair. If only part of your device has been damaged, your coverage includes repairs.
  • Unauthorised usage: If your mobile phone was stolen or lost and used improperly by another party, the theft is covered by insurance, as well as reimbursement for any charges incurred from theft. This includes phone calls, messages, downloads, or purchases made from your device up to a maximum of £2500 (including VAT).
  • Theft: If your item is stolen, our insurance policy will replace it (with valid theft claim).
  • Loss: If you lose your mobile phone or tablet, the policy covers replacement (with valid loss claim).
  • Worldwide Coverage: Your policy covers you no matter where you and your gadget go in the world, for a maximum of ninety days in any one year (policy dependent).

Q. Who does the gadget policy cover?

Policies can only be purchased by individuals over the age of sixteen and permanent residents of the United Kingdom. The policy covers immediate family (spouse/partner, children, and siblings) who live with you.

Q. How soon will I receive my policy documents and coverage?

Once you purchase coverage for your gadgets, your policy schedule will be immediately sent electronically to you via the email address you provided at the time you purchased your insurance. Other documents are available for download via a link within the email. Your policy document is also available via logging into the website with your account information.

Q. Is gadget insurance available for purchase if I live outside the UK?

Our company only insures gadgets for UK residents.

Q. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple gadget policies?

Yes, there is a multi-gadget discount, as long as they are all listed on the policy at the time of purchase. There is also a discount if you choose to pay your policy premium annually, in which case the discount would be receiving a full year of coverage at the price of eleven months.

Q. How do I buy an insurance policy to cover my device?

Gadget insurance is simple to enroll in and can be obtained by starting with a free quote.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

Gadget insurance premiums can be paid either once a year or once a month. You can pay your premium either via direct debit payment that comes right out of your account, or with any major credit or debit card.

Q. How does Direct Debit payment work?

Direct Debit is the authorisation by you as the consumer to allow a company to automatically deduct monthly premium directly from your bank account, as opposed to writing a paper cheque and sending it in the mail. You provide your bank account information at the time of policy purchase and every month the monthly premium is taken automatically out of your account, without you as the customer having to do a thing.

Q. Can I decide what day of the month my Direct Debit payment comes out of my account?

Unfortunately, no. The date the direct debit payment is made from your account is not set by us.

Q. If I make a claim, how much is the excess?

If you make a claim on one of your gadgets, it is possible that you may have to pay some out-of-pocket costs to cover the repair or replacement of your item, also known as the excess. This depends on your policy and the gadget you are making a claim on. This is something done by insurance companies so that you as the consumer take care and responsibility for your gadget; the insurance company will share this cost with you.

Important note: If you make a claim within the first 30 days (one month) of purchasing your policy, an additional £25 excess is payable over and above those detailed in the table above.

Q. Does my gadget insurance cover a specific period of time?

This will depend on what type of policy you have purchased. If you have opted to go with a monthly premium plan, your policy continues until either you cancel it or you stop paying your monthly premiums. Cancelled policies are in effect at the end of the last month for which you have paid.

If you have opted to pay annually, your coverage is for one calendar year (12 months) from the time of purchase. If you decide to cancel your policy, it will go into effect immediately and you are eligible for a prorated refund, though an administration fee will be applied.

Q. What happens to my policy after the one-year period (12 months)?

Your one-year policy will automatically renew at the end of your year. Our company will contact you within thirty (30) days of your policy end date to notify you of any changes in price or policy stipulations. If you do not wish to renew your policy, directions on how to cancel by contacting a policy administrator will be clearly outlined within this notice. If you do nothing, your policy will automatically renew and the previously set up payment plan will continue to be active. You can change your payment setup at the time of renewal, if you so choose.

Q. How do I make a claim if something happens to my gadget?

In the event of a claim, you must call our claims department as soon as possible. If the event occurs outside of the United Kingdom, please make sure to contact our claims department as soon as you return to the country. Make sure to follow the claim procedures to make sure your claim is handled properly, as omitting information or documents may delay the ability for you to receive funds, parts, or replacement gadget.

If your electronic items has been stolen or maliciously damaged, it is important to contact your local Police station within twenty-four hours. You must obtain a crime reference/lost property number from the authorities, as well as a copy of the police report. Both of these pieces of information are important to your theft/malicious damage claim.

Q. Do I need to report a theft or damage to my gadget to the Police? What about to my gadget’s network provider?

You must report your gadget theft to your local police station or at the location of where the theft occurred. In addition, if you lost your smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet, you need to contact your service provider within 48 hours of the incident, so that usage and phone calls can be blocked. This is important to your claim.

Q. I lost my phone when the call centre was not available - what can I do?

Please look at our helpful claim page for guidance.

Q. If I make a claim, do I need a receipt?

If you have to make a claim on your gadgets, an original receipt for your purchase of the item is required. If you do not have the receipt either because you did not receive one (if you phone was free as part of a contract upgrade, for example) or cannot find it, you must provide evidence of your original purchase or contract that would include the gadget.

Q. Can I still purchase gadget insurance if my phone was provided free to me as part of my contract?

If you received a gadget as part of your contract upgrade with your service provider, you must provide documentation of the order or contract. In addition, you must provide the up-to-date retail price of the item for your policy. This is all important in the event you make a claim.

Q. I replaced my gadget. Is my insurance still good?

If you make any changes to your original gadgets in your policy, please contact us as soon as possible so we can accurately update your coverage.

Q. I bought my gadget on an online auction site. Can I still get coverage?

There are limitations to gadget coverage from this type of purchase. Our coverage only applies to gadgets that are purchased from a reputable, UK registered company with consumer protections. In addition, we cover gadgets either new or refurbished purchased directly from the manufacturer, as well as gadgets purchased as used. For used items, the original receipt of purchase and a signed letter from the original owner transferring ownership must also be submitted with your policy. This must include the IMEI, serial numbers, makes and models of any used gadgets.

Q. Can I make a claim for someone else?

According to the rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act, you cannot make insurance claims on the behalf of anyone but yourself.

Q. Can I end my policy early?

There is a 14-day cooling off period on your policy; if you decide to cancel your coverage within this two-week period, there is no cancellation fee and your premium will be fully refunded. For cancellations after this 14 day period, you will be required to provide us with 30 days written notice prior to the date you wish to cancel your policy. This may be done either via post or email. Please make sure to include your name and policy number of the policy you wish to cancel.

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